Friday, May 8, 2009

Bagaimana kita melihat dan menilai sesuatu..

This morning, i was having discussion with one of the lawyer in the firm. It started when he expressed his sad feeling for what happen in Perak. He said all the things started with Anwar. He is the one who proposed the idea of taking over the govt through crossover. And now, his own man turn back on him. 'served him right'. The real victim in this situation is other PR people. They have lost their grip in Perak. Anwar, you have taken 5 states which contributed 52% income of the country, what else do you want. You are literally controlling the country.Because of your greediness we just lost 1 state. Can you just wait for the next election. This is what was this guy said to me. On some point, i agree with him.

The cabinet ruling on the case of converter's child

Recently, the Cabinet has ruled that, the religion of the child should follow and be based on the original religion of the parents. This is to solve the problem in the case of Indera Gandhi. What happen in this case is the father who converted to Islam and then took away his children from the mother (not-converted) together with their birth certificate. Later all the children then being registered as a muslim. What is your view on this matter. However, our law has clearly stated that the religion of the children shall follow their father. This is based on the decision of the Federal court in Subhashini's case. Is justice rightly being served. Somehow the ruling resolved the matter but only in this case.

Actually, there are so many similar cases like this happened. When one of the spouse converted to Islam, then it creates problem on the child. Which religion the child should follow. As a muslim surely we want to see the child as a muslim. But, do this serve the justice well, do you think it is fair to the child to be forced to embrace the faith which is totally different from what he was raised with. it may not be a problem if the child is still a baby, but what if the child is capable of thinking or maybe has already decided for the religion he/she want to live and die with. But if we follow the cabinet's ruling, we denied the right of the converter spouse. he/she also has the right over the child, before they reached age of 18.

The thing that caused unsatisfactory among non-muslim is they alleged that, the converter guys use the position as a muslim to avoid their marital problem. They said the guy who converted to islam actually only with the reason to get custody over the children. And i dont know how far the truth of the allegation is.

Bagaimana kita melihat dan menilai sesuatu

Setiap orang datang dengan pandangan dan persepsi yang berbeza. Persepsi atau pandangan seseorang adalah berdasarkan latar-belakang dan bagaimana dia di besarkan. Seorang yang di besarkan dengan keperayaan hindu atau budha, atau kristian, kita tak boleh expect die untuk menerima islam dan Allah secara mudah. kadang-kadang kita merasakan apa yang kita buat itu adalah adil kepada bangsa atau agama kita, tapi dalam masa yang sama menzalimi pengganut agama yang lain. Adakah itu yang di katakan keadilan.

Samalah dalam apa-apa situasi pun. Perbezaan pandangan atau pendapat adalah perkara yang biasa. Kita selalu cakap" apala ko ni, suka mende ni, or suka penyanyi ni, suka lagu ni". Kita terlalu cepat menghukum sesuatu berdasarkan apa yang kita rasakan bagus pada pandangan kita. Tak semestinya bagus di mata kita, bagus di mata orang lain.

So, moral of the story, jgnla cepat sangat condem orang lain, atau menghina kesukaan atau kegemarannya. Belajarlah menghormati cara orang.

tak semua minat Ramli Sarip.


  1. stuju..bkn sume minat bende yg same. sbb suka sumting tu objektif. bkn sume pk bnde yg same.
    kalo ye, xde la huru hara kat dunia ni. huhu

    i quote, tak semua minat Ramli Sarip.

    saya minat!
    tp ayah aku ckp die menyebok aje.
    penyanyi rock tp sbok nak nyanyi nasyid.
    errr...diff. concept of understanding..huhu

  2. Interesting and well written point of view.

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  3. Well said Usaid. Love this piece.


    Perbezaan pendapat itu merupakan satu rahmat.

    Fariz Ariffin. :)

  4. lupa la nak cakap..

    rasa tenang jer baca entry kau.. :)